Algorithmic Art: The Bubble

The Bubble, an algorithmic artwork I have been working on with the artist and photographer Johan Nieuwenhuize, was unveiled today during the opening of the academic year at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Students, as well as lecturers and employees (and you!) can still contribute to the artwork by interacting with Nieuwenhuize’s photos on a custom website. Based on the data collected through these online interactions and the responses of viewers and passersby as measured with a sensitive infrared camera, the artwork lures in spectators with images that it has found to be attractive, subtly switching to less common pictures when people pay attention to it: an algorithmic siren, feeding off on- and offline human behavior, forever learning and evolving.

If you want to experience the Bubble for yourself, feel free to visit it at the HHS, where it will remain on permanent display:

The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Johanna Westerdijkplein 75
2521 EN The Hague, The Netherlands







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