Kinect Dyadic Distance App

A short screencast of my Kinect Dyadic Distance App in action at Johan Nieuwenhuize’s studio. The app makes use of the live data streams from a Microsoft Kinect motion sensing device to continuously calculate the distance between any two people closest to the Kinect, in real time. It saves the distances between all joints and the heads, hands, and feet of each of the measured individuals. In the video above I display the distance between the faces (white circles) and the closest distance (thick white line, changes when people are moving around, always picking the joints closest to the other at a particular time) in centimeters to the bottom left.

I have developed the app to investigate if Asmir Grańćanin and I can establish characteristics of each individual from the freely moving interaction of the dyad (that is, of the two individuals regarded as a pair). Our second point of interest is an investigation of (non-linear) movement dynamics and how these correlate with subjective experiences of the interaction.

A short example of a save file, containing timestamps, height estimates of both participants, coordinates of all measured joints, and all calculated distances.

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