Mindfulness, access to intuitive processes and change blindness – a preliminary analysis

During her visit to our lab Carina Remmers presented some interesting work on how scoring higher on a mindfulness scale may correlate with lower accessibility to intuitive processes. Since I still had data lying around from a recent Amazon Mechanical Turk survey (N=280, 140 meditators, 140 non-meditators, funded by Willem van der Does of Leiden University) on a related subject of just a few months ago, I decided to check whether I might find a negative relationship between higher state blindness and my Qualtrics based Change Blindness Task. Interestingly, a first preliminary analysis did seem to show a significant difference between meditators and non-meditators on the Change Blindness Task:

Meditation VS Change Blindness

FFMQ vs Change Blindness also seems to provide some interesting results. Compelling stuff. Hopefully I’ll find some time to delve a little deeper into this data in the near future!


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