Gallery Tracks – Artist-Scientist Project


Together with Johan Nieuwenhuize I am currently working on a Artist-Scientist project that traces the whereabouts of visitors to an exposition. This will enable Johan to adapt and evolve his installation based on the resulting live analysis.

For now, we are testing the basic setup, analyzing a live data stream from a Microsoft Kinect with the open source OpenPTrack system, which allows robust real-time person tracking in real-world projects. The results are impressive – the Kinect is an amazing device, particularly if you take into account that it costs just $100.00!


See below me being happy with a first Kinect test-run – I intend to use the Kinect to demonstrate our “Lock in Feedback” algorithm at the FOM* Physics@Veldhoven conference this year. Based on some first tests, I am confident the demo will be awesome!

* Stichting voor Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie




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