Arxiv: Online Avatar Optimization

My latest paper is now available on Arxiv – see summary and figure below.


“Lock-in feedback circuits are routinely used in physics laboratories all around the world to detect weak signals in a noisy environment. In a recent paper (M. Kaptein, R. van Emden, and D. Iannuzzi, we have shown that one can adapt the algorithm exploited in those circuits to gain insight into behavioral economics. In this paper, we present experimental evidence that demonstrates the applicability of lock-in amplifier techniques to more subjective concepts than the ones investigated before. We run an experiment on 7414 volunteers, asking them to express their opinion on the attractiveness of an avatar. Each participant was prompted with an image whose features were adjusted sequentially via a lock-in feedback algorithm driven by the opinion expressed by the previous participants. Our results show that the method allows one to identify the most attractive features of the avatar, and can thus be successfully applied to concepts as abstract as the concept of beauty.”


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