The lock-in whiteboard session

Now that we had successfully run some more simulations with Davide’s and Maurits’s lock-in feedback algorithm, we still needed to decide which real life problems might be the most conductive to LiF’s optimum finding prowess. So the three of us recently met up at Davide’s room at VU University Amsterdam to discuss potentially interesting applications. Happily, we came up with plenty of good ideas – probably partly thanks to the huge whiteboard in Davide’s room!


Snapshot of part of the whiteboard in Davide’s room during our brainstorm on potential LiF applications.

Still, since we will probably find it near impossible to retroactively decipher the above whiteboard after more than a few days, I’ll write out a short list of some our ideas:


  1. Price Lock: live online optimization of decoy effects: — Pavlov

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