UNICEF Wearables for Good: we made it to the finals


The challenge:

To design wearable and sensor technology that serves people in resource constrained environments.

Our solution:

Totem Open Health is currently developing a low-cost, passive, mobile and non-invasive system to monitor fetal health.

Monitoring fetal movement is important to assess fetal health. Standard clinical fetal monitoring technologies include ultrasound imaging and cardiotocography. Both have limited prognostic value and are quite expensive.

Building on our Open Health Ecosystem we are working on a smarter, inexpensive, and wearable solution. Intelligent signal processing enables us to to automatically detect fetal movement on a regular smartphone by analyzing live accelerometer and temperature data from several Totem Health Sensors. If and when necessary, our application will then be able to communicate this information remotely over RapidSMS, a toolset for rapidly building SMS services for data collection.

Importantly, you may make, modify, distribute, and use the Totem Health Sensor, our software and our algorithms in any way you like – as long as you give proper attribution and share your work in the same way as we did.




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