Tracking the Decoy: Maximizing the Decoy Effect through Sequential Experimentation
MC Kaptein, R van Emden, D Iannuzzi, Palgrave Communications, 2016 – PDF
Palgrave Communications

Lock-in amplifiers and human behavior: opening the toolbox of experimental physics to the social sciences
MC Kaptein, R van Emden, D Iannuzzi
25th Program | Asia-Pacific Econophysics Conference 2016PDF

Investigation of the concept of beauty via a lock-in feedback experiment
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Photographic memories
R van Emden
Otani Nieuwenhuize, 2016 – PDF

Closeness, state-orientation and relationship satisfaction – an exploratory study
R van Emden
Leiden University, 2015

R van Emden
_IMG, 2015 – PDF

StreamingBandit; Experimenting with bandit policies
MC Kaptein, J Kruijswijk, R van Emden, 2016 (in submission)

Uncovering Noisy Social Signals: Using Optimization Methods from Experimental Physics to Study Social Phenomena
R van Emden, MC Kaptein, D Iannuzzi, 2017 (in submission)